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New Home Purchase Document Checklist


Thank you for considering Home Loans By U, Inc. to assist you with your New Home Purchase.


To help ensure you’re New Home Purchase goes smoothly, we’ve put together the following general checklist to assist you in gathering the supporting documentation needed for Your Pre-Approval and Underwriting of your loan.


Additional items may be needed depending on your specific scenario. Please contact one of our Mortgage Experts for a list of specific items or with any questions. We look forward to the opportunity to assist you with your New Home Purchase.


List of Items Required


Fully Executed Sales Contract & All Addendums

Driver’s License

Social Security Card

Most Recent Paystubs - Covering the last consecutive 30 day period.

2016 & 2017 W2s

• W2s are a part of a complete tax return and the lender will request to see all the W2s filed with each return you are providing.

• This includes w2s for a non-borrowing spouse if they are on the returns filed.


2016 and 2017 Personal Tax Returns

• Include all pages/schedules filed with each return.

• Make sure that the tax returns are signed.

• If the current tax year is on extension. Please provide a copy of the extension and the prior 2 years filed returns.


All K1s associated with the personal tax returns being provided


Self-Employed Borrowers:

• For any company you have 25% or more ownership:


Most Recent 2 Years Business Tax Returns

§ Must be Signed and Dated.


2017 Year to Date Profit &Loss

§ Signed and dated

§ Unaudited

§ Does not need to be prepared by your accountant


Most Recent 2 Months Bank Statements (All Accounts)

• Must show money to cover the down-payment, closing costs & reserves.

• Include All pages for each statement.

• If the statement says Page 1 of 5, include all 5 pages- this will be a requirement in underwriting.


Cancelled Deposit Check/Wire Confirmation: Provide a copy when it clears your account.

• Send both sides of the cancelled check or provide a copy of the wire confirmation.


Bank Statements from the Account the Deposit Check was Written

• Most Recent 2 months statements. Follow guidelines above.


For All Properties Owned/Named On Title

• Mortgage Statement

• HOA payment slip (if applicable).

• Tax Bill (if not escrowed as part of mortgage)

• Insurance Dec. Page- showing premium amount (if not escrowed as part of mortgage)


Points of Contact: Name, Phone #, and Email Address


□ Title Company/Attorney

□ Insurance Agent

□ Condo Association (if applicable).

□ Contact for entry for the appraiser.

□ Employer Contact- For Verification of Employment (Doesn’t apply to self-employed borrowers with >25% ownership).

□ Accountant- Self Employed borrowers only



For Alternative Income Sources:

Rental Income

□ Fully Executed Lease


Alimony or Child Support

□ Divorce Decree/Separation Agreement stating amount received & proof of continuation for at least 3 years.

□ Canceled checks/deposits/bank statements showing that you have been receiving it for the past 3 months.  


Social Security, Disability, VA Benefits

□ Copy of the awards letter from the agency/organization.

□ Most recent 2 months’ bank statements showing receipt into your bank account.


Dividend/Interest/Trust Income

□ Last 3 years tax returns- all pages and schedules.

□ Most Recent 2 months bank statements to confirm likely continuation of the income for the next 3 years.

□ Copy of the Trust Agreement (Signed)


If a Gift will be Used For Part of the Down-Payment:


□ Executed Gift Letter

• This will be provided to you by Foundation Mortgage and will detail the terms of the Gift.


□ Proof of Transfer of the Gift into your Account

• Provide a copy of the Wire Confirmation or Both Sides of the Canceled Check.



□ Updated Bank Statement/Transaction Summary

• Showing the gift has cleared your account on the account the gift was transferred into. 

NMLS ID: 398557

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